Upcoming Events

Dates to know.
I’ll be adding more as we go throughout this year 2023. Just as a Reminder (Dates are Subject to Change) As we approach each month - we will add events that we’ll be attending. Some Events & Gatherings will be posted on our IG story. Any announcements or news will be added here too. 

                               Thank You!! 🙌🏼



September 1st: Opening Custom Orders Day. Please Read Custom Orders Page on Main Menu.

September 15-17th: San Manuel Pow Wow in San Bernardino, CA @ Cali State University.


October 9th: Indigenous People’s Day Phx Fest in Phoenix, AZ @ Downtown Phoenix Location

October 19-21st: AISES NATIONAL CONFERENCE in Spoken, WA.


Calendar As been Updated: Located on Website located on the main page.